Testimonial – Southern Stainless

Posted: 22nd April 2015

Having procured the majority of our material through Midway Metals for the last 25 years, our decision to engage Paul, Sean and the team at Midway as Southern Stainless’ key supplier of stainless steel for the Newfarm Riverwalk Redevelopment Project was vital. The Riverwalk project required close to 300T of stainless, consisting of profiles that were not readily available in the local market. Midway Metals impeccable service and expert advice allowed material to be procured locally and offshore, to be plasma cut  by Midway and delivered in timeframes which were in line with such an enormous project where time was of the essence. The quality of material delivered along with all supporting documentation put Southern Stainless at ease in offering its guarantee to the client for the project to see the test of time.

I would recommend Midway Metals to any potential customer requiring stainless steel products for projects of any scale small or large.

Matthew Brown
General Manager


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