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5 Tips for Stainless Steel Maintenance

Stainless steel is durable, low maintenance and can stay looking great for many years, but it still needs to be looked after. You want it to stay stainless, so that the surface keeps its original lustrous look, feel and finish.

Our customers find that, by using a range of Avesta finishing chemicals, they can keep their stainless steel in top condition and fix any problems they are having.

casserole pan stainless steel

The Basics of Stainless Steel Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial for preserving the appearance and functionality of stainless steel. Cleaning stainless steel regularly ensures that it remains free from contaminants and retains its lustrous finish. Each of the five following methods, utilising different fluids, pastes, sprays, and gels, can address specific aspects of maintenance for all grades of stainless steel. These methods are designed to maintain and restore the metal surface, ensuring it looks and performs at its best. By using a proprietary stainless steel cleaner alongside these methods, you can achieve optimal results and extend the lifespan of your stainless steel surfaces.

Apply pickling paste

For small, intricate surfaces and weld seams, applying pickling paste or gel is highly effective. This method allows precise application to specific areas that need attention, ensuring thorough cleaning and removal of oxides and discolouration. The paste adheres well to vertical and horizontal surfaces, making it versatile and long-lasting. Brush pickling with this paste helps maintain the seamless look of welds and restores the stainless steel to its original, pristine condition.

Apply pickling spray

When dealing with larger stainless steel surfaces, pickling spray is the preferred method. Its thixotropic consistency allows it to cling to surfaces, even those that are difficult to reach, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The spray effectively removes scale and other impurities without excessive runoff. This method is ideal for extensive areas, providing a uniform finish and preparing the surface for further treatment or use. It’s efficient and time-saving for large-scale maintenance tasks.

Use a pickling bath

For smaller stainless steel items like pipe sections, nuts, bolts, and other components, a pickling bath offers an optimal solution. By fully immersing these objects in pickling bath fluid, every surface, including hard-to-reach areas, is cleaned thoroughly. This method is particularly useful for rejuvenating multiple items simultaneously, ensuring a consistent and high-quality finish. The immersion process allows for maximum contact time, enhancing the cleaning effect and restoring the material’s appearance and performance.

Apply cleaning agents

Stainless Steel Surface

Stainless steel surfaces, including those on stainless steel appliances, can occasionally develop superficial rust, grease, and lime deposits. Using specialised cleaning agents can effectively address these issues, restoring the surface to its original finish. These agents are formulated to remove contaminants without damaging the stainless steel, unlike nearly all abrasive cleaners, which can scratch and dull the surface. Regular cleaning with these agents is an essential part of stainless steel care, helping maintain the material’s aesthetic and hygienic properties. This makes it ideal for environments where cleanliness and appearance are paramount. Whether you are cleaning exterior stainless steel surfaces or interior ones, this straightforward method keeps stainless steel looking like new.

Apply passivating agents

After the application of pickling paste or spray, using a passivating agent can significantly enhance the results. Passivation helps to improve the chromium oxide layer on the stainless steel surface, which is crucial for corrosion resistance. This additional step protects the surface from future discolouration and oxidation, prolonging the material’s lifespan. By ensuring a robust passive layer, passivating agents provide an extra level of defence against environmental factors, maintaining the stainless steel’s integrity and appearance over time.

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