Daily Metal Prices

  • Nickel $17.45USD
  • Molybdenum $68.60USD
  • AUD-USD X-Rate 0.66USD

Brisbane Riverwalk Project

Brisbane’s New Farm Riverwalk is one of the city’s beloved icons. Originally constructed in 2003, the Riverwalk was used daily by over 3000 cyclists, pedestrians and runners before it was washed away during the 2011 floods. After a construction period of nearly 18 months, Brisbane City Council’s re-imagined New Farm Riverwalk has now opened to […]

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Brisbane Riverwalk Redevelopment

Midway Metals have been proud to be involved in the supply of materials and the construction of the new Brisbane City Riverwalk. The original Riverwalk structure was lost to the community in the flood waters back in January 2011. The Riverwalk is an 850 metre stainless steel boardwalk linking New Farm to Howard Smith Wharves. […]

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