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  • Molybdenum $43.50USD
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Stainless Steel Processing

At Midway Metals, our national network of service centres allow the fast and flexible processing of high quality, high performance stainless steel to suit different specifications and applications.

Through our unmatched processing capabilities, we value-add to stainless steel through our cut-to-length, slitting, polishing and coating services. From this, we’re able to offer customers a full range of stainless steel materials and products in varying lengths, widths and finishes from the one supplier.


We process and produce:

In addition, we

  • Plasma cut and drill plates to size
  • Band saw cut long products to length
  • Manufacture AS2129 flanges on our CNC machines.

Our local processing allows us to meet customer specifications, so Australian industry has the stainless steel materials and products they need, when they need it, at the quality standard they expect.

  • Knowledge


    Industry leading experience and expertise

  • Innovation


    Cutting-edge processing technology and equipment

  • Precision


    High-quality products custom-engineered for every specification

  • Reliability


    Seamless project management and on-time delivery

  • Safety


    Focus on safety from processing, warehousing to distribution

  • Support


    Personalised service, technical advice and after-sales support


“We go above and beyond to meet our customer’s needs, priding ourselves on our quality and innovation, speed and precision.”

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