Daily Metal Prices

  • Nickel $17.95
  • Molybdenum $22.47
  • AUD-USD X-Rate 0.77USD

Stainless Steel Sheet & Coil Polishing

For architectural appearance to low surface roughness for the food and beverage industry, our sheet and coil polishing services ensure an optimum finish.

The sheet polisher is ideal for smaller runs and works hand in hand with the coil polisher to maximise coil yields. Larger sheets up to 6250mm can also be polished via the coil polisher and blanking line.

Sheet length range: 880mm to 4000mm.
Sheet length width: Up to 1500mm wide.

For an enhanced brush stainless steel finish

Our coil polishing service is used to provide a unique smooth and stunning appearance with excellent hygienic properties.

Our coil polishing line has a 10 tonne coil to coil capacity with twin-head dry belt polishing. In addition to the dry belts, the line has three heavy duty brushing units with the capability of polishing from the nose to tail of the coil to maximise coil yield.

The Italian IMEAS manufactured coil polisher provides optimal control over brightness, reflectivity and roughness (Ra) from 0.90 micron down to 0.20 micron.

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