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Bandsaw Steel Cutting Machine

We offer cut-to-size lengths across our range of stainless steel pipe, bar, and tube products. For custom, bandsaw cut stainless steel supply, look no further than Midway Metals.

Utilising our own in-house semi-automatic bandsaws across our national network, materials can be cut from a minimum of 20mm diameter up to a maximum of 700mm diameter. Our bandsaws can be used to economically machine stainless steel to order. They’re thinner than cold cut saws, reducing kerf loss and making for more efficient machining and stainless stell preparation.

All of our bandsaws can cut long items such as round, flat, angle, square, hex, channel, and hollow bars, along with pipe and tube products. Whatever your stainless steel application, our bandsaws have the ability to prepare and cut your material.

Our expert operators make use of our bandsaw machines with appropriate band speed, feed force, and more to ensure your product is of the highest quality finish. Bandsaw cut products are handled and loaded with care by our highly trained operators. Once products have been cut to the required length, the material is deburred to ensure a clean finish so they are safe to handle.

Our stainless steel bandsaw cutting service ensures you can access what you need, when you need it, and at different lengths required to complete your jobs and projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Bandsaw Used for?

A bandsaw is a common metalworking machine that is one of the simplest and quickest methods for cutting metal. It is a powered saw that has a moving steel blade or belt with a toothed edge.

What Can You Cut With a Bandsaw?

A metal bandsaw is excellent for cutting all types of metal, steel, and non-ferrous metals of varied thicknesses and is mostly used in metalworking to make accurate cuts. A bandsaw can cut thin walled shapes like round and square tube, but it is not appropriate for cutting very thin sheet metal.

Can a Bandsaw Cut Stainless Steel?

Yes. Cutting with a bandsaw is efficient for many metal grades, including stainless steel. Smooth cuts can be achieved in harder metals such as stainless steel, copper alloys, titanium, and nickel alloys.

Can a Bandsaw Cut Straight?

Yes. However, problems with the blade tension can prevent the bandsaw from cutting perfectly straight. It could be old and require replacement. You might also need to realign the guides in other situations.