Daily Metal Prices

  • Nickel $19.65USD
  • Molybdenum $69.28USD
  • AUD-USD X-Rate 0.67USD

Industries We Work With

We support a wide array of vital Australian industries with high-quality stainless steel materials, products and parts.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Consumer goods

    Consumer goods

    Home appliances, hot water systems, fridges and freezers.

  • Commercial catering + food  and beverage

    Commercial catering + food and beverage

    Catering equipment, surfaces (benches), sinks, refrigeration, beer kegs, storage tanks.

  • Construction & infrastructure

    Construction & infrastructure

    Bridges, infrastructure, cladding, support structures and beams.

  • Marine & boating

    Marine & boating

    Recreational and commercial ships & boats, marinas, hardware (rigging, anchors etc).

  • Tank manufacturers

    Tank manufacturers

    Tanks for water, food and beverage, chemical/petroleum etc.

  • Mining & utilities

    Mining & utilities

    Water treatment plants and equipment; Mining construction and equipment eg mining screens, boilers, vessels, pipes, hoppers.

  • Metal fabrication & laser-cutting

    Metal fabrication & laser-cutting

    Materials for component manufacturers (eg producing pipe clamps, cable trays, spiral tubes) plus materials and parts for laser cutting professionals and organisations.

Our leading technology and facilities mean we can provide stainless steel processed for the right purpose – such as our Blanking Line machine for unparalleled levelling that’s ideal for flat, smooth catering benches, and our Slitting Line machine to produce spiral welded tube (for water treatment plants) as well as cable trays, tube and pipe clamps.

With cutting, slitting, polishing and coating services, we can achieve the finish you need: superbly shiny and smooth, protected by coating, or cut to size.

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