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Stainless Steel Angle

Stainless Steel Angle Sizes

Stainless steel angle is available at Midway Metals in any length you require up to 6 metres.  We can supply different steel angle sizes – angle with one side longer than the other as well as equal. It is also available in two stainless steel grades: 304 and 316.

Stainless steel angle is most commonly used as bracing or framing where a 90 degree angle needs to be maintained. For example, it is a great choice for preserving the edges of tiles against wearing and chipping. The use of stainless steel angle in tiled areas is also advisable due to stainless steel’s extreme corrosion resistance, meaning it will withstand being in a wet area. It is also allows for a simultaneously aesthetic and hygienic finish.

Another common use of stainless steel angle is in the machining of parts and components for other items. The primary quality of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, makes it an advisable choice to use in the manufacturing of pump parts such as valves and fastenings that are going to be subject to water. Due to the hygiene qualities of stainless steel , stainless steel angle of various sizes are also often used as a support or base for tanks used in food and beverage production, and also in medical equipment.

Our available finish for stainless steel angle is hot rolled, annealed and pickled (HRAP). This finish ensures maximum corrosion resistance, which is what gives the angle its trademark ‘stainless’ look.

For more information on which grade, size or length of Australian stainless steel angle will best suit your purposes, please contact us. You can find our complete range of angle in the Bar Products section of our catalogue.