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Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless Steel bar is a commonly used product in the fabricating and manufacturing industries. There are several sorts that are all used in the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries, as well as for domestic purposes like fence posts.

Stainless steel bar ‘varieties’ include round bar, hollow bar, square bar, flat bar, angle bar, hexagon bar and channel. Round bar, flat bar, square bar and hexagon bar are solid, while hollow bar is a cylindrical, obviously hollow, bar. Angle bar and channel are right angle bar and U-shaped channel respectively.

Portions of the solid and hollow bars can be machined into special parts and fittings for machines, pipework and many other specialist purposes. In fact, we machine non-standard stainless steel flanges on site for our customers using discs of round and hollow bar.

Bar comes in varying lengths depending on the type. Round bar and flat bar are available in 4m standard lengths as well as other random lengths. Angle bar and channel come in 6m standard lengths. Other random lengths are possible for angle bar. Hollow bar is available in lengths between 2 to 6m. Square bar and hexagon bar are supplied in the random lengths required by the customer. Like all Midway Metals products, all stainless steel bar is made to meet international standards.

Since the uses of stainless steel bar are so vast, contact us if you’re unsure about what to use or want to request a particular length of steel. If you require any processing services, visit our processing page to find out how we can process your Australian stainless steel before we send it to you.