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Stainless Steel Flat Bar

At Midway Metals, we know our stainless steel and that includes stainless steel flat bar. Our range is extensive, with a wide range of steel flat bar sizes, a variety of lengths and finishes available to suit the customer’s precise need.

We offer stainless steel flat bar in two finishes, hot rolled annealed and pickled (HRAP) and slit rolled edge (SRE). Hot rolled annealed and pickled finished stainless steel flat bar goes through quite a process. First it is rolled on a hot strip mill (hot rolled). Next is annealing, which is heating the cooled stainless steel to relieve stresses and ensure supreme resistance to corrosion, which is what makes the steel ‘stainless’. Annealing does however leave a scale on the surface of the steel which is removed in the final step, pickling. Pickling is a process of immersing the steel in a chemical solution that removes the scale.

Stainless Steel Flat Bar Sizes

Producing slit rolled edge stainless steel flat bar is particularly a specialist service provided by Midway Metals using our slit rolled edge flat bar machine. We are proud to say that this machine is the only of its kind in Australia. The machine flattens, straightens, edges and cuts stainless steel flat bar in any width from 20 to 200mm. The biggest benefits for our customers are that we can now produce stainless steel flat bar faster than ever, and that we can provide lengths from 2-6 metres as the customer requires.

Like stainless steel round bar, stainless steel flat bar is usually cut at a standard 4m length, but custom lengths and sizes are available on request. Stainless steel flat bar is commonly used for roll forming, brackets and bracing, and is a very commonly used fabrication material.