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Prochem Pipeline Products Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that on Thursday the 30th of November, Midway Metals Pty Ltd acquired Prochem Pipeline Products Pty Ltd.

Established in 1982, Midway Metals is an 100% Australian owned company and is a leading supplier of stainless steel in Australia with products including coil, sheet, bar, tube, pipe, and fittings, with unparalled in-house processing capabilities and equipment.

Midway Metals operates from eight locations throughout Australia and has 175 employees.

Prochem Pipeline Products is a supplier of world-class stainless steel products, specialising in stainless steel piping, instrumentation, and specialty valves. For more than 67 years, Prochem Pipeline Products has been a market leader providing product engineered solutions across various fields and designing specialist solutions for unique markets.
Prochem Pipeline Products operates from six locations throughout Australia and has 65 employees.

Prochem Pipeline Products is 100% owned by Midway Metals, but will continue to operate independently, building on its strong platform for future growth with the support of Midway Metals.

The management and employees of Prochem Pipeline Products support the sale and are positive and optimistic about the future of Prochem Pipeline Products.

We are honoured to bring the respected and longstanding Prochem brand back into the hands of Australian ownership and to continue its legacy under our stewardship.

To learn more about Prochem visit https://www.prochem.com.au/