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Stainless Steel Flange Process

With two fully automated CNC machines, we manufacture flanges from plate through to forged materials, up to 460mm OD in any thickness.

Our stainless steel machining capabilities include custom and non-standard flanges, suitable for use in joining pipe to pressure vessels, pumps, valves, and more in a piped system. Whether you were planning on welding or bolting your flanges together in your piping system, we can supply the flanges for you. Our operators create custom flanges to fit within any number of final applications.

All materials and finished items are certified with full traceability providing customer confidence and compliance. This traceability factor is provided as a piece of mind, wherein the unfortunate case of failure the history of the piece can be investigated further.

This reliability is backed by our capability to manufacture specialised fittings including all BSP, NPT, and metric threaded components. Whatever purpose your flange is designed for, we can help you to meet the necessary safety standards. Our custom flange processing service is professional, only supplying the highest quality products for your final applications.

With in-house capability, we’re able to satisfy any customer order no matter the volume or specifications with non-standard flanges being our specialty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Flanges Manufactured?

There are three primary methods for producing flanges: forging, cutting from rolled plate material, and casting. Regardless of the method, basic flange production involves shaping raw materials, machining, drilling, and finishing to the required standards.

How Many Types of Flanges are There?

Weld Neck, Slip On, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Threaded, and Blind flanges are the most popular types of flanges. In addition to these regular flanges, there are also a few special ones, such as orifice flanges, swivel flanges and lap joint flanges.

Midway Metals CNC Department

With two fully automated CNC machines, Midway Metals can produce flanges up to 460mm OD in any thickness. We predominantly use our plate stock for manufacturing but have used forgings where this specification has been designated as the requirement. We also offer the capability to machine special stainless fittings with full material traceability and certificates available.