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Stainless Steel Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)

Stainless Steel RHS goes by a few names. Technically, stainless steel RHS stands for stainless steel rectangular hollow section but it’s also called rectangular tube or square tube. No matter what you call it, you can get it at Midway Metals.

We have an extensive range of stainless steel rhs, all made to meet the international standard ASTM A554. It is available in 2 finishes, polished 180 hairline and polished 400 grit. Polished 180 hairline is simply a hairline finish after polishing by 180#. Polished 400 grit finish is polished finish using 400 grit sanding paper. Contact us about which finish would be best suited to your needs. Sizes range from 12.7mm square to 150mm square in square tube and 38.1×25.4mm to 200x100mm in rectangular tube, using steel varying from 0.9mm to 5mm in thickness.

The uses for stainless steel rhs are plenty, particularly in industrial, commercial and residential construction. It is also commonly used in the mechanical and fabricating industries, the agricultural industry, mining industry and simply for signage. Stainless steel rhs has such universal uses because it is durable and easy to prepare for welding or joining.

Stainless steel rhs is a practical and aesthetic material, making it highly sought after and a functional solution to modern building needs and requirements.

Contact Midway Metals today for more information or to place an order for your stainless steel rhs. Our complete catalogue is available online for perusal for not only stainless steel rhs, but also stainless steel flat bar and stainless steel round bar.