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Stainless Steel Channel

Stainless steel channel is an extremely versatile product. It can be used in many different applications and sizes from general construction through to shower drainage.

Stainless Steel Channel Sizes

In bathrooms, stainless steel channel can be used to create a ‘no barriers’ bathroom. By having the channel inlayed in the floor, all drainage can happen without steps or raised lips on shower floors. This use of stainless steel channel is also being adopted in other wet areas, such as public beach showers and pools.

One novel use of stainless steel channel is for the making of letters for business signage.  Having only three sides makes the letters light-weight and easily attached to walls. The stainless steel also makes for a great, stand-out finish.

Stainless steel channel can also be used in the manufacture of farm machinery. Machines to spread particular types of fertiliser can require use of stainless steel. Channel particularly is often used to feed the fertiliser from the holding bin down the mechanism from which it will be spread.

Unsurprisingly, stainless steel channel can also be used in various areas in plumbing. Since stainless steel is so corrosion resistant, it makes it a good choice when the material used needs to withstand water or even being submerged. Stainless steel channel can even be used in the treatment of sewerage water.

If you’re looking for stainless steel channel for building or for plumbing, contact Midway Metals. We can help you choose the right product and process it for your purposes in a variety of lengths, grades and finishes.