Testimonial – Opie Manufacturing Group

Posted: 11th May 2015

Opie Manufacturing Group have been dealing with Midway Metals for more then 15 years.

Their experience and expertise is second to none, with a major focus on service – They always do what they say they will do.

Since Midway installed their shearline they have provided Opie Manufacturing with perfect quality sheet, cut to custom lengths and on short lead-times.

The Stretcher Levelling capabilities have proved many times the difference in buying “sheet and plate” versus buying Laser Flat Quality sheet and plate.

Buying Stretcher Levelled material has resulted in less downtime for Opie Manufacturing with our lasers and it is refreshing to have a supplier stand by their promise.

The Midway Metals branded PE Coating Laser Film is excellent for cutting and provides clear definition of where the product was sourced from.

Midway’s shearline continues to be a great advantage for Opie Manufacturing Group, vastly reducing costs with custom cut to length sheet and plate, and doing this with extremely short lead times not to mention delivery from Brisbane to Sydney over night – What a great success!!

All at Opie Manufacturing would not hesitate in recommending Midway Metals to anyone!!

We wish Midway Metals all the future success

Tristan Opie
Managing Director
Opie Manufacturing Group

Opie Manufacturing Group L

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