Stainless Steel Grades – Austenitic High Temp Grades

Common Name UNS # Forms Available C Cr Ni Mo Ti Other Typical Applications
321……………….. S32100 Sheet, Coil, Plate, Bars, Welded & Seamless Pipe & Tube 0.06 18 10 0.5 Heavy weldments in chemical and other industries. Suitable for heat resisting applications to 800°C. Not suitable for bright polishing.
310 S31000 Sheet, Coil, Plate & Bars 0.12 25 20 Furnace parts and equipment. Resistant to temperature 900°C to 1000°C.
310S S31008 Sheet, Plate, Bar, Tube & Pipe 0.1 21 11 0.15n
Used for furnace parts, radiant shields, fluidised beds. Resistant to temperatures up to 1150°C.
Possesses high strength and resistance to sigma phase formation.
153MA S30415 Sheet, Plate 0.05 18.5 9.5 Si,Ce Internal shells in bell type furnaces, combustion chambers for the destruction of industrial gases.
Off-gas lines and recuperators for temperatures
up to about 950°C.
253MA S30815 Sheet, Plate, Bar, Tube & Pipe 0.09 21 11 Si,Ce Sintering plants, blast furnace plants, steel melting, heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, mineral preparation and cement production. Scaling temperature 1150°C.
353MA s35315 Sheet, Plate 0.05 25 35 Si,Ce Cement, gasification, iron and steel, power
generation industries, heat treatment and thermal destruction plants. High scaling temperature approximately 1175°C.

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