Common Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades

Common Name UNS # Forms Available C Cr Ni Mo Ti Other Typical Applications
409……………….. S40900 Sheet & Coil ……………………….. 0.02 11.5 0.25 Heat resistant steel, easily formed and welded. Mainly used for automotive exhausts or welded applications where superior performance to galvanised steel is required.
446 S44600 Tube & Pipe 0.08 26 Used for severe heat resistant applications up to 1200°C. In recuperators, highly resistant to sulphidation and oil ash corrosion.
430 S43000 Sheet, Coil, Plate & Bars 0.06 17 Interior architectural component, stove and automotive trim. Welds tend to be brittle.
444 S44400 Sheet & Coil 0.02 18.5 2 0.4 Heat exchanger and hot water tanks and in chloride containing waters. Not prone to chloride stress corrosion – superior resistance to pitting, crevice and intergranular corrosion. Possesses excellent deep drawing properties.
3CR12 (1.4003) S41050 Sheet/Plate & Pipe 0.02 11.5 0.4 Good corrosion resistance and readily weldable it provides a cost effective choice for many structural applications where mild or low alloyed steels require regular repair or replacement.

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